Stick Shift QRs

Arguably the ultimate 5 mm QR.


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Ah, the humble quick-release skewer for those easy wheel changes. Flip a lever and the wheel is freed from its dropouts. Skewers are not all created equal though. After 9 years of painstaking R&D, we proudly present our Stick Shift QR!

We set out to apply our extensive engineering and cycling experience, and use the finest materials and sophisticated fabrication methods, to create what might just be the ultimate 5 mm quick release skewer. We truly spared no detail and went all-out on with a limited edition of 450 individually numbered pairs only.


Some features
  • Comfortable lever design for the ultimate user experience
  • Only 28.6 grams per pair! (the lightest all metal QR’s ever?)
  • No over-rotating levers due to preset rotation safety stops
  • Hand polished levers for delicious color anodization
  • Helix titanium axles drop weight while maintaining strength
  • Ultra slick and crazy durable hexagonal boron-nitride coating
  • Rebuildable construction (a first for ball-socket QRs?)
  • Through-the-lever axle-thread-into-pivot design prevents unintentional loosening (yes, it’s a thing)
  • Tested at EFBE Prüftechnik (test lab for most major bike brands)
  • All Stick Shift QR parts are 100% fabricated in the Netherlands

The Stick Shift QR is a homage to the faithful 5mm quick-release. Even with the trend towards 12 and 15 mm thru-axles, we still believe a sturdy yet featherweight 5 mm quick-release always has a place in our hearts, and on your bike.


Did you know?
  • The original bicycle quick-release was invented in 1927 by cyclist-inventor Gentullio “Tullio” Campagnolo (yes, of THAT Campagnolo). It featured an internal cam design. Before that time, bicycle wheels were fixed by wingnuts that are notoriously difficult to get loose, especially in unfavorable weather.
  • Wert Cycling invented and designed the original ball-socket quick-release skewer back in 2006, and took it to Interbike 2007. Well-received, two known brands used our invention to commercially released their own skewers in 2008. In the years that followed, numerous brands made their versions commercially available. Now, Wert Cycling refined the skewer to the limit, bringing important details and innovations you will not see in any other ball-socket skewers.
  • Hexagonal boron nitride is a substance harder than diamond. Yet the coating we selected has a friction coefficient as low as Teflon™/PTFE for that buttery smooth rifle bolt-like action. During testing for nearly a decade, we noticed this coating withstands all that (ab)use with virtually no wear and tear, and even develops a nice patina over time.



6AL/4V titanium, AL7075-T6 & stainless steel


100 mm front + 130/135 mm rear, fits MTB & road


Coating containing hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)


28.6 grams / pair (including springs)


Black, Bronze, Tangerine, Gold, Green, Sapphire, Crimson, Violet


— Compliant with the EN14781 industry standard
— Not recommended for use with disc brakes