Straight Shooter Stem

Light. Stiff. Durable. Pick three.

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Each Straight Shooter has a cleverly CNC-machined main barrel and clamps from a high-strength aluminium round bar. Its oversized barrel means less deflection during out-of-the-saddle efforts and the smooth surface transitions reduce peak stresses. These design features heavily contribute to its low weight and high strength and stiffness values.

Its rigidity gives a rider plenty of confidence and its minimal weight adds to an off-the-charts stiffness-to-weight ratio, probably the highest of any stem. Speaking of charts, our sizing table shows the coordinates of where your handlebar ends up in relation to your headset to help you decide which stem best matches your fit.

With hardware frequently the Achilles heel of stems, hot-forging our proprietary Wert T25 Torx 6Al-4V titanium bolts resulted in about a 70% increase in strength compared to typical rolled or turned bolts supplied by OEM and aftermarket vendors. Its spherical head further eliminates stresses from misalignment that often causes snapped heads on stem bolts.


Some features
  • Probably the lightest metal stem



CNC-machined high strength aluminum alloy


Wert hot-forged T25 Torx 6Al/4V titanium bolts


Ø31.8mm handlebar and 1-1/8" steerer clamp


±7.5º or ±17º in 75, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 or 145mm


From 67 grams (75mm) to 97 grams (145mm)