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As of 2019 Wert Cycling is no longer in business. However, support will still be provided to existing customers.

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Dear all,

With heavy heart, I bring you the news that, after long and careful deliberation, Wert Cycling is closing its doors.

With a modest business loan on the bank, Wert Cycling started just over a year ago. Our plan: produce innovative, beautiful, top quality bike parts for the niche bike market. We started with the introduction of our Stick Shift QR’s, planned to get sales going, then develop and launch our 3D-printed titanium crankset, followed by the introduction of a limited series bike and possibly a parts kit.

However, setbacks arose and hampered Wert Cycling in prospering as intended. Manufacturers failed to meet our quality standards and/or increased their prices, resulting in a cost price increase of roughly 50% for Wert Stick Shift QR’s! A market shift due to big bike brands switching to disc brakes also affected our revenue, making Wert Cycling unable to cover its overhead. Therefore, I made the decision to call it a loss and live to fight another day.

To turn Wert into a workable and profitable bike component brand requires a revised business strategy and a enthusiastic and committed team with motived, engaged and responsible people. Hence, it’ll take a currently unknown time and effort for new parts to be ready to sell.

As for this final month in business, we are holding a clearance sale with hefty discounts of up to 40%. We do not plan to offer skewers in the future, so these coming weeks are likely your last chance to get your pair of Wert Stick Shift QR skewers. Wert Cycling will stop trading on 31 December 2018, after which after-sales support will continue to be provided to existing customers.

Regarding shipping, as postal services are at their busiest, we can offer no guarantees that orders arrive before christmas or new year. However, we will, as always, do our very best.
Wishing you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2019,

Rico M. de Wert
Wert Cycling Founder & CEO